The Italian Bee
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The Italian bee
Inspired & Inspirational
Product line!

The Italian Bee Inspired & Inspirational Product Line offers honey infused, honeybee inspired natural goodness in a variety of shapes & scents, and uses!  Our Price List follows!
We deliver free locally and only charge actual shipping fees to your out of state address!  
Give a shout, we're here to help!  

Queen Bee Beauty Cream $10
Worker Bee Hand Cream $8.50
Honey Sugar Scrub $8.50
Love Infused Lip Balm $3 ea or 2 for $5
Worker Bee Hand Salve $6.00
Bee Buttons - Share the love!   $2.00
Homemade Vanilla [Yummy!] $8.50
Chili Pepper Honey Spread $6.50
Raw/Organic Honey - 1lb $10.00
1/2lb Classic Jar $6.00
7oz Hex Jar $7.00
7/8lb Plastic Bear $7.50
Ceramic Soap Dishes! Varies - $10-$15
Ceramic Honey Pot! $23.00
Honey Bee Themed Soap $5.00

                   **GIFT BASKETS AVAILABLE!***                     ph. 267/393-5290
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